Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Amani's First Birthday

Amani's 1st Birthday was on March 17th. We celebrated with family on March 22nd at our home. Amani had so much fun with cake and presents.Singing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.
Amani's butterfly cake that I made.All ready to eat cake.
Amani digging into her first birthday cake

Mmmm... Yummy
Amani trying on her birthday girl clothes.Amani loved opening her gifts.


Stacy & Matthew said...

Heather you did such a great job on the cake and her birthday party was fun! loved the post, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

almost a year later and we finally get to see your cutie!! if you ever need help posting i'll help you. amani looks so cute!! Happy Birthday!!

Michelle Thompson said...

It's about time. I was in shock to see a post. Ha Ha It is fun to see pictures since I don't get to see you all much. She is getting so big and still looks just like her Grandpa.

richards4fun said...

Way to go Heather. So proud of you for getting a new post up. Keep it up. Great pics.

Braydan and Jessica said...

Hey Heather, it was so great to see you and Amani this past weekend. I miss you guys! Now, keep up your posts so I don't feel so far away from you!!! Call me if you need any help!! love ya!