Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Amani's First Birthday

Amani's 1st Birthday was on March 17th. We celebrated with family on March 22nd at our home. Amani had so much fun with cake and presents.Singing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.
Amani's butterfly cake that I made.All ready to eat cake.
Amani digging into her first birthday cake

Mmmm... Yummy
Amani trying on her birthday girl clothes.Amani loved opening her gifts.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

All Smiles and a Few Toes

I love to play on my jungle mat. This is where I smile alot!

What a great picture!

Babies have the prettiest feet. So perfect and plump, just right for nibbling on!

Bath Time

Amani's bathtime. She really enjoys having a bath as long as mommy has fed her first. This was her first bath after her cord fell off.

What a sweet heart! We started by giving her a bath in the sink and that didn't last long because she is too big and too long to handle in the sink. So she moved to her own tub inside of mom and dad's tub. Much easier on Mom!
Gee Thanks Mom for making me look like a duck! You think it's soooo cool to make me look like a fool. Just because I can't get back at you yet, you just take advantage of me.

Amani's Blessing

One of our first family pictures that we took. This was on the day we had Amani blessed at church. She was almost 1 month old and she managed to remain silent during the whole blessing.

What a pretty little girl!! Mom and Dad are so proud!

Grandma Mayes bought this beautiful dress just for Amani's blessing. She looked so pretty. Mommy had to fan it out t0 show the whole beauty of the dress off. Our Amani is an Angel sent directly from above! We are so blessed to have her in our lives.